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Congratulations to our Teen Contest Winners!



Wow! We had a lot of outstanding entries for this contest! In upcoming weeks, we'll try to honor some of the other particpants. But here are our choices for the winners. We were so impressed by their imagination, vision, passion, and just plain writing ability. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did! Please give them some love in the comments! Happy reading! Anne and Ellen


Starry Night

By Sharon L., age 13


Too many people passed the old store without a glance. The run-down, rickety shingles were beginning to chip, the windows clouding over with the dust of the decades. Too many people had too much on their minds. Disillusioned by the mantra that life is too short for novelties, too few are staying behind to linger among the ashes of the ages. Yet one old woman spared the poor shack a glimpse. Soft, shimmering bells clinked as the door opened.

I found there to be something missing as I grasped the jade necklace. The jewels were carved from the millennium-old stone of the ancient world, the dragons’ fire from the depths of the heartland. My grandmother gave me a warm smile as I gently placed the string of pendants around my neck. “You are beautiful, my treasure.”

A little girl wanders around the crowded little apartment. Her parents are protective, watching her every movement to ensure that she is safe, though safety should hardly be a concern in the one-floor rented apartment. She toddles and falls, only to continue her ambling towards a shiny green box. It opens to reveal a string of beads, lustrous in the light of the dull floor lamp. A ribbon is intertwined within the package.

The conglomerate of food is hard to distinguish. One platter blends into another, one dish the same hue as those adjacent. The smells, though, overwhelm even the moist glimmer of the sauces mixed together. I try to take a single bite, but somehow another slice ends up on my plate. “Eat, eat!” Fingers pick up chopsticks, hand flitter to and fro, arms nudge other arms. I take a bite of everything.

An old woman lifts up a baby, less than a tenth of her age. She is positioned on a high chair, precariously set above the ground. The baby lifts up a bowl and a chopstick and waves around the odd pair until chicken and broccoli plop into her mouth. She drops all and happily chews. Food is presently on her mind.

We are running outside, the rainbow of paper, glue, and fabric growing ever higher as the breeze lifts. I feel a nostalgic twinge in my chest, but ignore the darkness as my cousins' squeals lift as high as the kites' path. I squeal for a moment myself, lost amidst the flurries of flight.

She sat down while the older woman carried her. Her eyes opened for a moment to allow the sight of beautiful box-shaped kites to cloud her vision. Fish gliding across the clear blue skies, dragons’ tails trailing with the strands of white, yellow squares brighter than the afternoon sun shining down. “Never forget.” She looked up at the woman carrying her and saw a tear trailing down her wrinkled skin.

We sit on the grass at night. The sun has finally set and there is nothing left for us inside. The grown-ups tell us to help out, so we take a stroll to the park and come back. Now lanterns are being hung from tall poles, tents being set out. A gazebo with high crimson arches dots the horizon, firefly lights brightening the darkness of the night. I feel the weight of a soft round pastry in my hand and a smile slips out. Mooncakes are my favorite.

The gazebo was decorated for this occasion. Not a single corner went unlighted. A tall brown table was set up for the occasion, a bowl of oranges resting in the center. The family looked above the rising hill. While their little girl munched on a fresh cake in the shape of the lunar sphere, they noticed the absence of neighboring lights.

My friend had texted me a while ago. “where r u? stop hangin out with those geeks!” Not a thought is wasted on ancient traditions and values, especially not in our bustling age of speed and movement, movement, movement.

There was no one familiar outside. The girl shrank up against her parents as she heard words she did not yet understand. “Go back, you Chino!”

I looked at my family, all settled at the dinner table, the lively chatter overriding all the darkness of the still air outside. Still, I feel that there is something left unsettled. Without another glance, I flipped my cell phone closed, stood up, and planted a gentle kiss on my grandmother’s tender cheek. “I will never forget.”




By Dani B., age 16


And I know how it would happen, too.

        She’d stand there, fumbling with the lipstick cap, and I’d wait for her to get it. I’m courteous. I’d wait until she twists the red up, like a bloody finger pointing at her, and that’s when I’d clear my throat.

        I know I’m awkward.  But sometimes that’s what’s needed.

She’d find me in the mirror, pretend to be concentrating on her eyelashes or whatever, but really she’d be sizing me up. And then, when she thinks she knows me, that’s when I’d speak.

        “You know, your sister’s messed up.”

       She’d turn around. God, I hope this would be important enough to her that she’d whirl around completely and then I’d see her full face. People always look different when you see their whole face.

        She’d look surprised, but she always looks surprised. Maybe that’s why she gets the leads in the school plays. I wanted to go to the last one, but I was tired of her acting.

        That was a week after Joyce switched therapists.

        “Excuse me,” she’d say. No, that’s too prissy. I’d like to think this would catch her off guard enough, take away all her bullshit until all she’d be able to say is, “What?” I think the whole world runs on that word.

        I’d look her straight on. That’s the one thing I know. I’d look at her, right there, so direct that she couldn’t look away. I think she’s one of those people who no one ever looks at, really; they just see what they think they know, and she lives up to it.

        “Joyce has a problem,” I’d say. I think if I worked really hard, I could keep my voice even. I’d swallow, but keep on facing her, trying not to move.

        I love how neat that sounds. A problem. Like it’s all wrapped up in a little package, tied up with string. Like she’s just a dog who did her business on the carpet or something—“Joycie had a little problem today…” or “Joyce had an accident.” That’s another great one: accident. Not the word, but the concept, that it couldn’t possibly be your fault. That you can just say to someone, “It was an accident,” and all will be forgiven. All must be. Because the next time, someone else will be the one who fucked up—not to blame them, of course, totally out of their control. What a joke.

        Joyce had told me it was an accident the first time I caught her. We’d been changing for gym, Joyce in the corner, having to borrow a tank top from the Lost and Found. I saw the red lines, little railroad tracks, and didn’t understand.

        “Joyce,” I said. “What happened?”

       Joyce had slithered into her sweatshirt.  Hadn’t looked up. “It was an accident,” she said finally. Then she walked away.

        I had been thinking of the little accidents—a series of paper cuts, a dropped kitchen knife, scissors gone wrong. The acceptable accidents you can shrug away. I thought that because I wanted to think that. It took me a while to realize how true those words really were.

        Because problems can be accidents too. Especially when you make them for yourself.

        That’s what I’d tell her anyway. And then her mouth would catch on the word—“Problem?” she’d repeat. Maybe she’d tell me I was wrong. Or maybe she’d ask who the heck I was, who I thought I was.

        Either way, she’d piss me off. There’s only one thing I’d want to hear, and that’s that she knows, that she’s doing something about it. Except part of me would be hoping that she wouldn’t say that, because then I couldn’t lash out at her.

        No hesitation. That’s the best and worst way, right? I think it’s worth the risk.

        “Your sister had a problem!” I’d say again, my voice rising. “Joyce is really messed up, and you act like nothing’s wrong! She’s going to die you know, she’s going to, LOOK AT ME, SHE’S GOING TO…” I’d swallow, act like I was trying to hold it in, but really I’d be gathering more. I wouldn’t want to leave anything unsaid. “You’re going to lose her!” I’d say. “Do you know that she cuts herself? Almost daily? Do you know how ashamed she feels of herself, how she had to hide it? Do you know she throws up? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS?  You can’t act like this is okay! LOOK AT ME, YOU CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!”

       I wonder if she’d hit me. One slap, across the face. That’s what I’d do. The truth’s a bitch. But then she’d think about it, wouldn’t she have to? Wouldn’t she watch out the next time Joyce goes to the bathroom after dinner? Wouldn’t she check the desk for the razor I know she had?

        Wouldn’t she read over Joyce’s shoulder the next time she texts me, “I can’t handle it today”? Wouldn’t she be the one Joyce could talk to, she’d be the one…

       Just not me. Please.

        Not me.

        I know it would happen that way. I know it, and so when she walks in, I finish braiding my hair like it’s nothing. I watch her pull out her lipstick.

        And then she drops it. An accident. I kneel down to help her pick it up, and my body feels like it’s pulsing, and I hand it to her and look her straight in the face. Her whole face.

        And I have to stop because of how much she looks like Joyce. I look down and the sleeves of her dress are loose, and they fall back to expose her wrists when she reaches for it…

       And she knows I’ve seen her. All of her.  She takes it, reddens slightly, nods thanks. Then she teeters out on her high heels, leaving me with the nothing I was going to say, with the trail of accidents down her arms.




To Think of Wednesdays

by Emma S., age 14


When I get up on Wednesdays, I’m either going to school, path A, or I’m staying in bed for a while longer, path B. If I take path A, I’ll be arriving in homeroom promptly one and one half minutes prior to the start bell at eight. If I take path B, I’ll be thinking about how weird the word “Wednesday” is when I cast a questioning glance directed at my calendar. I will think of how the n comes after the d, but we still pronounce the n before the d. Or so it seems. On path A, I will participate in playful banter amongst my friends, making the jokes of perverts and sailors. On path B, I will think about the English language, and how on its transition to America, it’s been somewhat slaughtered or recreated like a phoenix. On path A, I will not raise my hand to answer the question of whether or not this leaf is a dicot or a monocot. I truly have no understanding seeing as I didn’t do my homework because of a feline eating my pencil.

       On path B, I may get up eventually from the warm burrow in my blankets as my body is pressed against the mattress, but I can hear the rodents chattering, which means someone has entered my lair. On path A, I will wait until the bell rings after 35 minutes of drooling trolls. But on either path, I will see the demons, the shadows, and the sons of the light. School is filled with the trolls and the growls and claws of the educational establishment. Home is filled with the demons and the shadows and the haunts of past kinsfolk blotches and storms.

       I will take the torrents of my flaming anger out on the soft fluffy pillow as I turn into the roaring lion raging out of the hurt I feel from poachers hunting down my brethren. And after I calm down, the ice freezing over the flames, although it takes a while, and I will give my cumshaws to the rodents and felines of which I have frightened as I came up clawing and biting, spitting and hissing. And I sit, looking up at the window, calming down. But the burns and the singes of the flames still remain. I look at my feet, which slap across the cement floor of the dungeon as I cross to the window looking out at the moonlight, which may pass through the muddy glass, but I cannot feel through.

       And so, on either path, I cannot feel the cold embrace of the night’s mother. For I have my own mother, and no matter how much I wish it weren’t true sometimes, my mother and my father and my family, are my moonlight.


And so, I wake up Thursday, shooting a questioning glance to the calendar. I wake up from the dreams of my falling back asleep on path B or falling asleep during the lecture on path A. And I am no longer the lion who has iced over and the window is no longer reflecting the moon and humans are humans once again. The trolls have left, and so has Wednesday.



Reader Comments (119)

SOMEONE! i swear i'm not a stalker! lol! thats creepy and funny at once! that would be a coool story. a girl who tells NOTHING other than her first name and age on a site, and someone tells a lot about them, and its sounds EXACTLY like the girl! not a detail off! CREEEPY!

thats funny! i love the idea! yeah thats ok, even though its creepy! small world i guess! that would be a neato mosquito story.

June 27, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersomeone/mariesa

Haha thanks guys! All your ideas sound epic!

Oh. And it's H-A-Y-L-E-Y not H-A-L-E-Y . Haha :)

Hmmm I have no idea what Your name should be, Inez! I'm still thinking for myself! Haha :)

AHA!!!! I GOT IT!!!! How about Rawr? 'Cause that means I love you in dinosaur!!! Is that awesome or what?! Haha!

I actually already read that book! I TOTALLY love it. It's for sure a fav of mine :)

Hey, do any of you peoples love music? :)

I'm a MAJOR music lover! I'm learning to play guitar (working on learning a song called Losing It by NeverShoutNever, who is like, my favorite singer) and I completely and utterly love singing and listening to all kinds of music and pretty much anything music related, I love. I could go on and on reciting lyrics to songs and musical artists and GAH I just LOVE music!!!

Heehee. I'm gonna tell you guys some singers, mkaii? they're all really great :)


Kina Grannis, NeverShoutNever, One Direction.....INFECTION!!! Haha sorry couldn't resist.
The Beatles, The Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Colbie Calliet, Dido, Bruno Mars, Kate Nash, Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, SecondHand Serenade, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Train, Maroon 5, Fergie, and soooooooo many more!!! Oh yeah. And Angel Taylor :)

Anyways, I think I'm talking too much :)

Goodnight everyone!!!

~ Peace and love,

Hayley D.

Rawr. ;)

June 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHayley D.

i love that! rawr! HAYLEY! sorry, i have a friend named haley. coool singers! i now some of them. i personly dont like one direction, they are like a team of justin biebers. i HATE justin bieber. i'm learning gutar next year. i tried piano so much and well, blah!
make a list of whatifs for your story. lets say your story is about Rori and Tasha. tasha is bulliing Rori, its halfway in the story, and Rori gets Tasha in major trouble. then, your stuck. whats supposed to happen?
make those what ifs! they can be the craziest ever that have noting to do with your story, bu put them down! once you have a lot, ty turning each on einto a posssible happening for a story. Sorry, finding a dragons egg sounds cool, but unless its obvious its a fantasy EARLIER, your not gonna want Rori to find a egg midway through.
but.... heres some possibleities you may have made, and how they can be Relevant.
1 Rori gets transported back in time to World War 1! --------- Rori gets inpired by the great women in World war 1 to stand up for her rights.
2: Tasha turns into a crazed rabid mutant Lemur who acts comlpetly different then hersel. (Duh! shes a crazed rabid mutant lemur! shes gonna act different! lol) ---------- Tasha does something tottally strange for her to do, pretends to want to be Roris friend and puts her in a awkward situation with her and her other friends, and peer pressure.
3: Rori finds a pen that makes whatever she writes come true------ Rori starts writing stories with a new purple pen, and feels stronger, and suddenly knows how to stop Tasha's bullying. IGNORING! :) and starts writing some witty comebacks as well!
4: ALIENS ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!--------- Rori earns art from her usually mean sister, draws pictures of Tasha as an alien, and Tasha doesnt seem so scary anymore! and shes grown in her sister relationship

So get writing! hope that helps.
P.s: FAV SINGERS: Sara Barelies (How do you spell that?????) Sarah Mclahflan, Madeline Peroix, QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Btw, i'm sorta into the 70's and oldies type music. go ahead and call me cray like everyone else.) STevie wonder, Coldplay!!!!!!!, Tears for Fears, Snow Patrol is kinda cool. i'm a christian, so heres some great christian rockish type singers. Toby Mac, Newsboys, (They just chaged their lead singer, and i do NOT like him, so the good albums are: Go, wherever we go, devotion, ultimate collection,) this one is not really rockis, but shes a great singer: Crystal Lewis.
Bye again!
WAIT!!!!! hayley, how old are you? just curious! i thought you were 13 and i am just stunned by your creative awsome imagination that most teens sadly dont have! i would have NEVER thought of Rawr, I love you etc.!!!!!!
keep dreaming and writing girl!

OHYEAH! i'm the 30th post! WEEEEEEEEE!
sorry. its early, and i'm dead tired from staying up till 12 finishing my book i'm reading.
those are awsome ideas new person.
Hayley/ Rawr, (Have you officially changed your name? i personlly like it as a code name, cause Hayley D, i dunno, has a nice ring t it!) anyway, awsom, Rawr, i agree with new person, i dont like one directiom, but i do like some of the singers. Black eyed peas could be my fav, if it wernt for all the cussing!
new person, we are alike in so many ways. i love toby mac, newsboys, cryastal lewis! mostly from Spirit 105-3FM thogh.
i got the most genuis idea for a story in my dream last night. it was about monster dudes that eta people but are deathly afraid of the color Yellow. we were hiding from them, (In dream) cause they were breaking in, and of course, i have like NOOOOO yelloe clothes! so i piled on my two yelloe scrafs, threw on my yellow t and wrapped a yellow pillowcase around my jeans, and grabbed all my yellow stuffies, and my brother painted my big walking stick yellow, so i could use it as a weopon. sounds dum, but it was pretty epic. we were in the wildernes,, and made a fort, and from no where, my mom pulle out a bucket of yellow paint and covered the fort!
awsome story right there! its fun to think of quirks to make monsters weaknesses like that.
NEW "ASSIGNMENT" (menaing, you dont HAVE to do it!)
WHAT COOL WEAKNESS CAN YOU THINK OF< THAT MONSTERS COULD HAVE? l;ike, fear of yellow, like mine, or, not being able to see through glass, (stole from a movie hhee hee!) or only can be killed by being sucked into a vacume cleaner! HAVE AT IT AND HAVE FUN!!!!!

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

THE DAILY BLAB! (maybe not daily, but...)
everyone is following my example and blabbing! YAY!!!!!!
deathly afraid of anteaters
only can be killed by being staopled in the head
starts disinergrating wherever it touches wet paint.
its ears burst abnd it dies when someone opera sings.

hopefully this wont bring on any nightmares! man, i'm so glad i found this site. you guys are too nice! my gerbils are being wierd right now. Reginold doesnt seem to get you cant chew on the bars since they are chew proof. Luke is just kicking the bars around and making a mess I have to pick up. you hera that Luke, ME!!! reginold, for chickens sake, there are huge wooden chew blocks downstairs to chew on! NOT BARS! sheesh
sorry. The Blabber strikes again!
oh good, now reginold is drinking water. GOOD BOY! although you do look cute when you chew bars! Luke, your bedding was perfectily fine until you got to it. LEAVE IT!!!! man, theese gerbils ahve a mind of their own.
why do people say, "Man, bla balh etc." why not, "Potato chips, this sun is hot!" or, "Vacume cleaners, that was a hard hike!"
instead of Oh brother, why not, Oh Cheeseburgers! or Oh Roledex! or Oh Aggle puff! whatever that is. oooh, Oh Wasabi!
REGINOLD STOP CHEWING ON THE BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry. oh, great, just perfect. now luke is following reggies perfect example and chewing on them to. typical. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
hows your guys's life's?
mines same ol same ol. math is especially hard for me. im struggling a lot.
on a cheerier thought, i cant wait till anne and ellen ake anouther post! this one has a LOT of comments, so we can start a new!
Someon, is your real name Mariesa? i was guessing that.
oops, gotta go.

augh! i mean, luke was kicking th BEDDING around!

yes.. mariesa.
i personlly love that last post! your gerbils are funny! i have gerbils, Shawn and Gus.
cool monster quirks! i cannot wait till next post! it says honoring others, so that would be SOOO cool if some of you guys were featured!
luckily, we all know our names, so it'll be, Samantha? wait, is that scribbles or the other smamntha? that be lame if some jerk said, OOH! thats me, when it wasnt!
i agree! why not, Toe nails, that was good dinner! or Pizza brains that was fun! or Oh Cheetos! or Oh Laptop computers! or, Oh Tyrenasourus Rex's, or Oh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! awsome new person! all you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!! its funny, it seems we are always on right after anouther one of us posts! hee hee!
by all, see you next time, on the SPILLING INK FAN CONVERSATION PAGE! featuring, HAYLEY D, NEW PERSON, SCRIBBLES, SAMANTHA, GREEN EYES, and SOMEONE! others joining as well! what will happen next? see you next time!
sorry, like i said, very tired today.

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

Hey new person again! yes i actually do have green eyes, that's kind of why i made that code name. i TOTALLY agree with you on Haley's amazing pictures. for the last 8-12 competition i wrote "The bigger badder wolf". i love all you guys who have been commenting.

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergreen eyes

Haha, yes, I am 13 :) Lol ( Laughing Olive Lover ;) )! I love your gerbils! They sound adorable :) I have two cats and a dog :) My cat's name is Alex and he thinks I'M the pet x]

Animals Are so funny sometimes :)

Haha! When I was on Instagram (an awesomeeeee app btw) someone posted a picture of their shadow right after I did and I was like "AHA! You are a copy cat!" And then I was like, huh. Why do people say copy CAT? Why not copy carrot? Copy Cappichino? And ect.

I personally don't think One Direction sounds like Justin Bieber (who I don't like, but I'm trying not to be a hater because I don't want to be mean. He never did anything to me :) Well. Except get annoying songs stuck in my head), but maybe my ears are just messed up :) I used to think they did, until I listened to more of their songs.

Cool beans! I love Coldplay, both Sarahs, and Snow Patrol!

Hey. My day has been HAHAHAHHAHAA I'M CHARLIE BROWN!!!! Oh. Sorry. Lol suger rush! My day has been normallll overall :) I'm about to do school... I'm homeschooled and my mum likes me to do it during the summer too- Bleh.
I decided today that I'm going to start saving up for a Uke.... however you spell it haha. I'm too lazy to look it up :) They're just soooo adorable! I love the sound they make, it's super cheerful and I could take it with me EVERYWHERE!!! A guitar is a little difficult to play in tight spaces :)

Like I said -wait, did I say this yet?- NeverShoutNever and Kina Grannis are my FAVORITE singers!!! Here are a few of their GREAT songs that I'm addicted to:

Losing It, Did it Hurt, Dare 4 Distance, Hummingbird, Jane Doe*, I Love you 5, Happy, Valentine, In Your Arms, Without Me, Your Biggest Fan*, Trouble*, and so many more awesome songs are by these people!

*Some cursing are in these songs if they have the * sign next to them. I just press mute when they come along :)

Okay. Hmmm. Besides music (my main hobby) and writing, I love photography and art :) I love drawing, painting, sketching, pasteling, and splattering paint, crocheting (which I don't do that much anymore), and making stuff :)

I also LOVEEEEE hanging with meh friends!!! And my family :) I'm a pretty outgoing person most of the time, so I get energy and happiness from being with people :) I talk to people I don't really know, but I see a lot, I talk to my neighbors, and I even talk to this dude that lives down the street who's 14 :) (which my dad doesn't like , haha) but I don't really barely get to see and talk to people my age often because I don't go to public school. Actually, all my closest friends are younger than me.

Well, again, I'm er... Blabbing ;) too much!!! TTYL*!


Peace and love,


June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr?

Oh! Thank you Green Eyes! :) ~ My eyes are Hazel ~ :)

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

hayley, o love all your hobbies, cause those are mine!!!!!!!! i love the outdoors. i, er, well, on one hike, i, took, cough, 400 photos. lets just say i got carried away!
i guess your right. i shouldnt be a hater. interesting to think about. i EXTREMLY DISLIKE justin bieber. there.

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

THE DAILY BLAB volume two of the day
Hi all! howdy.
um. ok, lets just get on with the blab!
One of the strangest things to thinkabout, is... thinking! seriosly, think something right now. its like your hearing a voic ein your head, talking. no one can hear it. you hear YOUR voice, talking, and, its just wierd! unless you hear someone elses voice, which could be creepy.
my gerbils are finally asleep. THANK GOODNESS! they keep me awake with their uneccesary spinning of that wheel. oh great, now Luke must have known i was talking about him, now hes up and digging in the side of his cage, YOU CANT DIG THROUGH GLASS LUKE!!!!! OK?!?!?! oh, now hes looking at me inocently. oh fine, its ok. have at it. that face is too cute to resist.
my gerbils do this thing, where they sniff eachothers mouths after ive held one, like, "Did she give you a treat? what about ME! hey lady, get busy with MY treat! nice try buster!" very greatful arnt they?
i have a 4h thingy tonight. does anyone here do 4h?
OHMUGOODNESS! theres a birdie outside in our bath splashing around! CUTE!!!!!!!

WRITNG STARTER: wrte a stroy from the point of view of something not living. make their world special. i read a book, and theese ant had their own vocab for their surounding,s, except theese stories should be something unliving.
CURRENT WRITNG PROBLEM: Writers Block, curtosy of Samantha
three solutions already, next one is: leave the story for a LONG time. work on new stories. then go back. youve probally heard that a lot, but i cant think of anymore solutions. i need a new problem. that sounded wierd. i should do one of mine.

ROFL! (RabidOctopusesFightLemurs!!!!!)
green eyes, JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!
serisol, you guys rock? which state do you guys live in? i'm a washiontonian.

forgot to add this:
What is your spilling ink story? how did you find it? how did it change you?

love your gerbils! lol- Lucky Oragantans learn!\
great idea, new person, just wrote a story like that!
i live in washingotn too!!!!!!!! man, we are alike!
heres my story:

Ive gone through a lot of dream careers. When I was younger i wanted to be a cat, but that was out of the question. I wanted to be a bird watcher, forensic scientist, artist, seamstress, naturalist, finally, I found writing. I loved it ever since my first story about “Bobby the leaf”. But ever since I discovered the wonders of the library, where they actually have NON fiction books, like guides, I immediately started my search for the perfect writing book. I tried SOOO many. Some were too technical. Some were too little kid. Some were inappropriate. Some were just not it.
Then, I learned a new BIG library was being built last year, bigger than ours. YES!!!!! First thing I did when I saw I, was go to the writing section. Most of them I had read, but then I saw a intriguing bright yellow and black spine. SPILLING INK. Now THAT sounded exiting! So I brought it home, to give it a shot.
As soon as I read it, I knew my search was over.
I. Loved. That. Book.
I could not get enough. I checked it out OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
Once, I had to take it back , (SOB!) and we went to a different library than our usual, and so, I sadly, sniffed, and slid it into the slot.
Then dashed to the writing isle.
What do you know, spilling ink was on the shelf!
I got it so many times, I think my mom finally got the hint and bought it for me for Christmas last year. I couldn’t get enough at ALL! So I binged, to see if they had more online. That’s what I found the blog.
That’s when I established SOMEONE, and well, someone.
And now here I am!

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

Samantha, like Haley i can TOTALLY relate. when i have writers block it sucks because you want to write more than EVER but cant get inspired. i usually dont try to force any ideas to come to me and take a break for like 4 months or however log it takes. i find the only time where i really feel you should be pushing yourself is when you have a story started and have lots of ideas buzzing.

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergreen eyes

hey, reading my last post, SOOOOO sorry if i sound too bossy. i dont want to be controlling the converstaions here! we dont even have to discuss what i say, i can stop doing that. i have had problems with bossieness, and i dont under no circumstances want to control our awsome conversations! i just wannt to be anouther person talking, NOT the lead!!!!!! :(

Hey :) You don't sound too bossy to me :) I actually Like your writing idea thingies and stuff A LOT! :) I live in the land of 'steak on the barbie'.....TEXAS!!! Yeah! It's so stinkin' hot outside right now!!!! ARRRRRRRRG!

Dude, I love animals so much... I should really be a veggitarian... but I just LOVEEE steak too much!!! ~Sighs dramatically~ The world is so unfair! ;)

Hmm. I'm gonna try a writing idea thing. Okay here are some you might wanna try out:

Imagine from a whole new perspective.

What's the life of a cloud like? Is there a whole world up there, completely made out of clouds? People, pets, homes, creep-os, ect? Do they feel pain? Do they cry? Is that why it rains?

What would it be like to be Mona Lisa, the painting? What would it be like to have hundreds, maybe thousands of diffrent faces stare at you all stinkin' day long? (there's actually a book about this I saw at the library) What if you got stolen by a black marketer?

What's the life of an icecube like? What would you do in that short amount of life that an icecube has? Would it hurt as you slowly melted away, or get crunched by teeth? Or does it make you feel free? Do you evaporate and turn into part of a cloud and get to live that life?

If you were a pillow, could you be able to read the sleeper's dreams? Would you create them? Are you a light-hearted, good-souled pillow, or an evil, sinister one who causes nightmares? Do you control part of what the human does the next day by repeatedly whispering something softly into their ear all night?

What if you were a house? Would you be happy, your occupents nice and caring? Or would you be bored, grumpy, and cause yourself to have problems so as to anger the dull slobs that live in you (which might explain why the shower is always ice cold, or windows won't close)? Would you whisper to the young children, excite them and make them wonder? Or would you creak oh-so-nastily so as to frighten them?

Okay there are some ideas! I hope y'all enjoy! :)

~ Peace and loveeee,


June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

OH MY GOODNESS! I"M WRITNG A STORY ABOUT LIFE ON A CLOUD RIGHT NOW! SMILE! its about a girl there, one day she falls off, and has to lve on earth, adjust to it, and make it back up to earth.
Your ideas are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! i love doinf things from a different perspective,
Hayley, (Er, i mean, Rawr) your imagiantaion is spledidly amazing!
no, duh, haley, the ice cubesa go to the land of melted ice cubes!!!! hee.
pillows TITALLY create dreams.
WELL PILLOW ENOUGH WITH THE BAD ONES! maybe they were mad. actually, i slepp ith five pillows (yes, five) so they proabblay have moods.
gottaa go, i will give some ideas later

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

Haha that's just epic! :D I'm happy you like my ideas , heehee :) Maybe I'll post more later :) Bye for now! I'll be checking this website in a bit :)

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Hey guys!!!

I <3 TobyMac and Anthem Lights (an AWESOME Christian group; check them out!!!!!)

Luv ur guys advice for writer's block!!!!! I feel like I have a continual case of it. Like, I just can't make myself work on a story, bu once I'm into it, I get on a roll :) hahahaha.....

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterOBC

anthem lights, great! thanks. OBC, are you newer to the site? whats OBC stand for, or is that classified information?

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

Hayley, what is your library like in Texas? ive actually always wanted to visit Texas. that would be funny
shopping in the mall, accidently run into a girl holding spilling ink,
me: ooh i love that book!
you: yeah its great!
me: theres a great website with it!
You: yeah, i chat with people all the time on there.
me: wait, you wouldnt happen to be, Hayley D/ Rawr?
you: uh... yeah, (Ready to run off, yelling STALKER!)
me: Oh my macaroni! i'm someone slash Mariesa!

haha. dont mind me. very tired as usual. new person, are you gonna do a daily blab? i love them!

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSomeone/ Mariesa

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!! I forgot to check in and then I saw that there was like another twenty posts and I read them all. Welcome new person! This sounds like a pretty fun page now!

Back to the writers block, I'm as stuck as ever. I can't remember who said that when they have writer's block that they want to write even more. But that's exactly true! I'm stuck and I want to write in the worst way, but I can't. I don't think I could not write for a while though, and I'm trying to push through. But it's so hard! Thanks for the advise, though, everyone!

I really miss the ask us anything part of the site. Does anybody else? For new person, it was like a part of the website that would be a link to Formspring and you could ask any writing question you wanted and Anne or Ellen would answer. But they took it off because they were working on projects. It was really cool though.

You guys post a lot, so I'm gonna try to post more often, too. You know, keep updated :)

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSamantha

Haha that would be so awesome if you ran into me at the malll, HAHA! :) (But I'm actually a stalker myself, so no biggie :;] ) The libraries are nice, I usually go to this one called the Central Library. It's pretty nice, and they just redecorated it so it looks more modern now :)

Yeah! I will try to "Blab" to you guys every day if possible!!! Sometimes I might not be able to though, because (1) I have a crazy schedual sometimes, and (2) if my mum thinks I've been too addicted to the computer, she makes me "take a break" which really means I'm grounded haha.

Glad to hear from you again Samantha!
I gtg now but I'll be back later!

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr
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