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Congratulations to our Teen Contest Winners!



Wow! We had a lot of outstanding entries for this contest! In upcoming weeks, we'll try to honor some of the other particpants. But here are our choices for the winners. We were so impressed by their imagination, vision, passion, and just plain writing ability. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did! Please give them some love in the comments! Happy reading! Anne and Ellen


Starry Night

By Sharon L., age 13


Too many people passed the old store without a glance. The run-down, rickety shingles were beginning to chip, the windows clouding over with the dust of the decades. Too many people had too much on their minds. Disillusioned by the mantra that life is too short for novelties, too few are staying behind to linger among the ashes of the ages. Yet one old woman spared the poor shack a glimpse. Soft, shimmering bells clinked as the door opened.

I found there to be something missing as I grasped the jade necklace. The jewels were carved from the millennium-old stone of the ancient world, the dragons’ fire from the depths of the heartland. My grandmother gave me a warm smile as I gently placed the string of pendants around my neck. “You are beautiful, my treasure.”

A little girl wanders around the crowded little apartment. Her parents are protective, watching her every movement to ensure that she is safe, though safety should hardly be a concern in the one-floor rented apartment. She toddles and falls, only to continue her ambling towards a shiny green box. It opens to reveal a string of beads, lustrous in the light of the dull floor lamp. A ribbon is intertwined within the package.

The conglomerate of food is hard to distinguish. One platter blends into another, one dish the same hue as those adjacent. The smells, though, overwhelm even the moist glimmer of the sauces mixed together. I try to take a single bite, but somehow another slice ends up on my plate. “Eat, eat!” Fingers pick up chopsticks, hand flitter to and fro, arms nudge other arms. I take a bite of everything.

An old woman lifts up a baby, less than a tenth of her age. She is positioned on a high chair, precariously set above the ground. The baby lifts up a bowl and a chopstick and waves around the odd pair until chicken and broccoli plop into her mouth. She drops all and happily chews. Food is presently on her mind.

We are running outside, the rainbow of paper, glue, and fabric growing ever higher as the breeze lifts. I feel a nostalgic twinge in my chest, but ignore the darkness as my cousins' squeals lift as high as the kites' path. I squeal for a moment myself, lost amidst the flurries of flight.

She sat down while the older woman carried her. Her eyes opened for a moment to allow the sight of beautiful box-shaped kites to cloud her vision. Fish gliding across the clear blue skies, dragons’ tails trailing with the strands of white, yellow squares brighter than the afternoon sun shining down. “Never forget.” She looked up at the woman carrying her and saw a tear trailing down her wrinkled skin.

We sit on the grass at night. The sun has finally set and there is nothing left for us inside. The grown-ups tell us to help out, so we take a stroll to the park and come back. Now lanterns are being hung from tall poles, tents being set out. A gazebo with high crimson arches dots the horizon, firefly lights brightening the darkness of the night. I feel the weight of a soft round pastry in my hand and a smile slips out. Mooncakes are my favorite.

The gazebo was decorated for this occasion. Not a single corner went unlighted. A tall brown table was set up for the occasion, a bowl of oranges resting in the center. The family looked above the rising hill. While their little girl munched on a fresh cake in the shape of the lunar sphere, they noticed the absence of neighboring lights.

My friend had texted me a while ago. “where r u? stop hangin out with those geeks!” Not a thought is wasted on ancient traditions and values, especially not in our bustling age of speed and movement, movement, movement.

There was no one familiar outside. The girl shrank up against her parents as she heard words she did not yet understand. “Go back, you Chino!”

I looked at my family, all settled at the dinner table, the lively chatter overriding all the darkness of the still air outside. Still, I feel that there is something left unsettled. Without another glance, I flipped my cell phone closed, stood up, and planted a gentle kiss on my grandmother’s tender cheek. “I will never forget.”




By Dani B., age 16


And I know how it would happen, too.

        She’d stand there, fumbling with the lipstick cap, and I’d wait for her to get it. I’m courteous. I’d wait until she twists the red up, like a bloody finger pointing at her, and that’s when I’d clear my throat.

        I know I’m awkward.  But sometimes that’s what’s needed.

She’d find me in the mirror, pretend to be concentrating on her eyelashes or whatever, but really she’d be sizing me up. And then, when she thinks she knows me, that’s when I’d speak.

        “You know, your sister’s messed up.”

       She’d turn around. God, I hope this would be important enough to her that she’d whirl around completely and then I’d see her full face. People always look different when you see their whole face.

        She’d look surprised, but she always looks surprised. Maybe that’s why she gets the leads in the school plays. I wanted to go to the last one, but I was tired of her acting.

        That was a week after Joyce switched therapists.

        “Excuse me,” she’d say. No, that’s too prissy. I’d like to think this would catch her off guard enough, take away all her bullshit until all she’d be able to say is, “What?” I think the whole world runs on that word.

        I’d look her straight on. That’s the one thing I know. I’d look at her, right there, so direct that she couldn’t look away. I think she’s one of those people who no one ever looks at, really; they just see what they think they know, and she lives up to it.

        “Joyce has a problem,” I’d say. I think if I worked really hard, I could keep my voice even. I’d swallow, but keep on facing her, trying not to move.

        I love how neat that sounds. A problem. Like it’s all wrapped up in a little package, tied up with string. Like she’s just a dog who did her business on the carpet or something—“Joycie had a little problem today…” or “Joyce had an accident.” That’s another great one: accident. Not the word, but the concept, that it couldn’t possibly be your fault. That you can just say to someone, “It was an accident,” and all will be forgiven. All must be. Because the next time, someone else will be the one who fucked up—not to blame them, of course, totally out of their control. What a joke.

        Joyce had told me it was an accident the first time I caught her. We’d been changing for gym, Joyce in the corner, having to borrow a tank top from the Lost and Found. I saw the red lines, little railroad tracks, and didn’t understand.

        “Joyce,” I said. “What happened?”

       Joyce had slithered into her sweatshirt.  Hadn’t looked up. “It was an accident,” she said finally. Then she walked away.

        I had been thinking of the little accidents—a series of paper cuts, a dropped kitchen knife, scissors gone wrong. The acceptable accidents you can shrug away. I thought that because I wanted to think that. It took me a while to realize how true those words really were.

        Because problems can be accidents too. Especially when you make them for yourself.

        That’s what I’d tell her anyway. And then her mouth would catch on the word—“Problem?” she’d repeat. Maybe she’d tell me I was wrong. Or maybe she’d ask who the heck I was, who I thought I was.

        Either way, she’d piss me off. There’s only one thing I’d want to hear, and that’s that she knows, that she’s doing something about it. Except part of me would be hoping that she wouldn’t say that, because then I couldn’t lash out at her.

        No hesitation. That’s the best and worst way, right? I think it’s worth the risk.

        “Your sister had a problem!” I’d say again, my voice rising. “Joyce is really messed up, and you act like nothing’s wrong! She’s going to die you know, she’s going to, LOOK AT ME, SHE’S GOING TO…” I’d swallow, act like I was trying to hold it in, but really I’d be gathering more. I wouldn’t want to leave anything unsaid. “You’re going to lose her!” I’d say. “Do you know that she cuts herself? Almost daily? Do you know how ashamed she feels of herself, how she had to hide it? Do you know she throws up? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS?  You can’t act like this is okay! LOOK AT ME, YOU CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!”

       I wonder if she’d hit me. One slap, across the face. That’s what I’d do. The truth’s a bitch. But then she’d think about it, wouldn’t she have to? Wouldn’t she watch out the next time Joyce goes to the bathroom after dinner? Wouldn’t she check the desk for the razor I know she had?

        Wouldn’t she read over Joyce’s shoulder the next time she texts me, “I can’t handle it today”? Wouldn’t she be the one Joyce could talk to, she’d be the one…

       Just not me. Please.

        Not me.

        I know it would happen that way. I know it, and so when she walks in, I finish braiding my hair like it’s nothing. I watch her pull out her lipstick.

        And then she drops it. An accident. I kneel down to help her pick it up, and my body feels like it’s pulsing, and I hand it to her and look her straight in the face. Her whole face.

        And I have to stop because of how much she looks like Joyce. I look down and the sleeves of her dress are loose, and they fall back to expose her wrists when she reaches for it…

       And she knows I’ve seen her. All of her.  She takes it, reddens slightly, nods thanks. Then she teeters out on her high heels, leaving me with the nothing I was going to say, with the trail of accidents down her arms.




To Think of Wednesdays

by Emma S., age 14


When I get up on Wednesdays, I’m either going to school, path A, or I’m staying in bed for a while longer, path B. If I take path A, I’ll be arriving in homeroom promptly one and one half minutes prior to the start bell at eight. If I take path B, I’ll be thinking about how weird the word “Wednesday” is when I cast a questioning glance directed at my calendar. I will think of how the n comes after the d, but we still pronounce the n before the d. Or so it seems. On path A, I will participate in playful banter amongst my friends, making the jokes of perverts and sailors. On path B, I will think about the English language, and how on its transition to America, it’s been somewhat slaughtered or recreated like a phoenix. On path A, I will not raise my hand to answer the question of whether or not this leaf is a dicot or a monocot. I truly have no understanding seeing as I didn’t do my homework because of a feline eating my pencil.

       On path B, I may get up eventually from the warm burrow in my blankets as my body is pressed against the mattress, but I can hear the rodents chattering, which means someone has entered my lair. On path A, I will wait until the bell rings after 35 minutes of drooling trolls. But on either path, I will see the demons, the shadows, and the sons of the light. School is filled with the trolls and the growls and claws of the educational establishment. Home is filled with the demons and the shadows and the haunts of past kinsfolk blotches and storms.

       I will take the torrents of my flaming anger out on the soft fluffy pillow as I turn into the roaring lion raging out of the hurt I feel from poachers hunting down my brethren. And after I calm down, the ice freezing over the flames, although it takes a while, and I will give my cumshaws to the rodents and felines of which I have frightened as I came up clawing and biting, spitting and hissing. And I sit, looking up at the window, calming down. But the burns and the singes of the flames still remain. I look at my feet, which slap across the cement floor of the dungeon as I cross to the window looking out at the moonlight, which may pass through the muddy glass, but I cannot feel through.

       And so, on either path, I cannot feel the cold embrace of the night’s mother. For I have my own mother, and no matter how much I wish it weren’t true sometimes, my mother and my father and my family, are my moonlight.


And so, I wake up Thursday, shooting a questioning glance to the calendar. I wake up from the dreams of my falling back asleep on path B or falling asleep during the lecture on path A. And I am no longer the lion who has iced over and the window is no longer reflecting the moon and humans are humans once again. The trolls have left, and so has Wednesday.



Reader Comments (119)

i say hi to your dog.
okey dokey,heres my blab

i am tired.
i am deppressed. my "best friend" has ignored me all day and now she hates me for no apparent reson.
hayley. whenever i hear abot someone i imabine what they look like. so if u dontmind answering, what color is your hair?
igh. my gerbils arnt even hear to cheer me up. sorry i just not in a blab mood. ill come back with story starters. cant wait to see your boredom buster rawr.
excuse me as i go into a corner and weep. )`:

Awww. I'm sorry Mariesa :( Friends can be bi-polar ish sometimes. Just recently I lost my 'best friend' whom I've had for YEARS. At the very beginning, she was nice and fun to be with. But she (around when I was ten) started....I don't know... changing or something.She was always bored around me and I always tried to do what she wanted to do, even if that mean't jumping on the trampoline when it's 100 degrees outside. But that's ALL she wanted to do! Gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics. Blech. I was trying my best to be a good friend, but I don't think SHE was. Eventually, I started hanging out with her wayyyy less.....became a kinda loner person. My most deppressed time of my life so far...no friends...didn't know my neighbors...was completely unsocial...my mum was going through A LOT of health problems...eck.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

My parents tried to get me to be more outgoing and try make new friends. Eventually, I did. And last year was when I met my amazing neighbors; Skyelar (10), Star (11), and Emily (10). Sure, they're quite younger than me, but they were better friends to me than my ex 'best friend' ever was. They're not perfect, as no one is, but as long as we each do our part to be a good friend, things work out very nicely.

THEN I met my bestest BEST bestestbest friend I could ever wish for!!!! At first I thought I didn't like her, and that we didn't 'click'. But then I came to know her better and stuff and she's the most amazing, careing, funny, silly person ever! She's the kind of person you can tell your silly secrets too and 'loves of your life' and she'll just smile and tell you about hers. The kind of best friend I've never had before. I love her so much <3

But then. I was a bad friend to her :(

I spent practically the WHOLE month of June with my neighbors!!! I only saw her once!!! I didn't invite her over or anything. I was too preoccupied with my other friends, who I hang out with alllll the time. Or used too haha. My parents made a rule I can only see them every three days instead of every SINGLE day ;).

So I tried to have her over, but to no avail! She has been gone to be with her grandma because her grandma is really not feeling good right now. I may not see her for another 2-3 weeks!!! :( I'm soooo sad right now. I feel distressed every time I think about it. I wrote her a long email telling her that I was stupid and a bad friend and that I was sorry. So things are okay again, but I stinkin' miss her so much!!! Summer may be about over by the time I see her :'(

So. Yeah. I TOTALLY understand friendship troubles.

I hope things get better for you!!! ~hug~

Haha! Yeah that's fine. My hair is brown. Blech. But a little goldeny too. And curly/wavyish. I have hazel eyes. I'm five feet exactly. ~sadness~ I'm short for 13!! Haha. I'm palllleeeeeeeeee. I plain just don't tan. I burn. :P I'm just average looking. Nothing spectacular.My mum sats my eyes are my best feauture, and they are the only thing about me that I can honestly accept as 'pretty'. Yeah. I don't really know what else to say about how I look :)

I'll do a Daily Blab if possible later, as of my day has barely begun.

Story Starters! Or whatever :)

*You're a weird wacky person that makes strange, but beautiful candles. Each candle you make takes days to finish. The smells are amazing, but there is something darker going on here. Your candles can make people feel or do ville things. O.o (haha yeah I came up with that while staring at a candle)

* Your blender. You've never liked it. You always give it the evil eye as you pass through the kitchen, and sometimes....it just looks like it gives it back. But one night when you get out of bed for a snack, you hear it on. And no one is around....weird. You peek around the corner and-

* Your strange neighbor left a omnious note on your window. "Bring me the ketchup bottle! Or else...." it says. What the heck?! The person couldn't mean the nasty, cruddy, crusty ketchup bottle in the back of the fridge that no one ever throws away...right?

Yeah. Well, Imma go eat breakfast now!!!


Peace and love and waffles,


July 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Haha. I mean't 'says' not 'sats' lol. OH! And just recently this year. I found out my ex 'best friend' said mean things about me to one of my other friends. Won't go into detail.... but one of them was that I have no life because I'm homeschooled and that my friend won't have a life when she becomes homeschooled too. Ouch. Thanks for just insulting the seven almost eight years I've been homeschooled. But whatever. You get the idea. We're not close any more to say the least.

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

thats awful hayley! sorry! my friend was really nice. she listened to me, we told secets, she was silly, crazy, and fun. sure she drove me nuts talking like a baby, but she was amazing. then she slowly started changing. she started wearing high heels, wanting makeup, talking about boys all the time, she got a phone, obsessed with celebrities, she just... changed. the worst of changing was aimed at me.
she started saying things that made her sound "cool" but were hurtful to me, and even my friends! i finaaly just told her, and we seemed to have made up. then yesterday morning, she informed me she was ignoring me cuz i was "demanding respect" which i was NOT! i was hurt, and rejected at the time, and i told her. she has anouther best friend, who she used to complain about to me, how she annoyed her so much. now aparently shes complaining to HER about ME! i never did anything. my pastor gave a great sermo bout accepting, and forgiving others, so i chose not toingonre her. i tryed to be nice, include her in EVERYTHINg. at the church picnic, i invited her over to play a game i made. she just shook her ead. she ignored me the ENTIRE time. i called to her, greeted her, she just ignored her, and walked on. later, her mom let me walk her dog, and she got angry, and later on, she was petting him, ignored me, gave me evil eyes and walked on.she was being a real jerk, sorry, but she was. even worse, her other frien, werwe friends to. she waned to do my game, but my "best friend" didnt, so she made her stay with her.
sigh. luckily, i made a new friend, and hung out with my reall best friend.
my best friend is named amy. she is nice, understanding, LISTENS sooo well, can drive me nuts, but is soo nice. she is kind to everyone! even liitle kids who my ex best friend hated, she was so patient around!
unfortantly, my ex best friend gets mad whenever im with amy, and informed me she hates her. which i cant understand. amy is the nicest person i know! she SOOOO forgiving. if i did/said something i feel soooo gultiy and awful about, i'll apologize, and shell say , "oh, thats alright!" then its over. she NEVER reminds me, saying, well, its not as bad as what YOU did last week! once she lent me her journal/scarpbook and she had taped in a 9like the quirky person she is!) a ketchup packet! the, i accidently stepped on it. and the packet burst. ketchup got all over a bunch of her pages, and i felt AWFUL! but after a horrible week, i told her, and she just smiled and said, "thats ok! i'll jsut call it, 'the splotch of friendship! aka, a friend stepping on my notebook!' " she is sooo nice.

anouther friend once said, "a true friend will come back to you. if she doesnt come back, let her go, make new friends, dont let her weigh you down."

i hope your problems get resolved hayley!
squeak! (be happy in gerbil language, even though they only squeak when their scared!)
my foot is asleep.
i am working on a cross stitch. i am eating chips, this is a boring blab. i wonder when the next post on this site will be? SOON I HOPE!
Quote: a clean room is the sign of a boring person
NEW FAV BOOK: A dogs life- by someone, um.. her last name was Martin! thats all i rmeember! READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Story starterz:
Lena thought that tube was just a normal tube when her owner put it in her cage. my lena the gerbil was in for a suprise!
what was in it? a portal to missing sock world? anouther gerbil? GASP! a snake??????????/

sorry. kinda lame starter.
FRENDSHIP ADVICE: have more than one good friend! eb=ven more than one best! so if one abandons you, you have anouther to fall back opon, and keep you company.
are you gonna post a boredom buster hayley?
why does life have sorrows?

love peace and light bulbs

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commentera sad someone

hayely, need to tell you now. thanks for everything! even though i have never met you, and probally will never at all.. i fell like i know you so well! Thanks for being kind, listening to my blabs, and just generally awsome.
oh, and by the way, i amd jealous of your curly hair an hazel eyes! i wnat hazel or green, but im stuck with brown. bleh. boring me, brown eyes, very dark brown hair (everyone says black!!!!) and tanish skin, bleh.
then agian, mom siad, yu could look in the mirror every day and say i hate my hair! or i hate ny skin! that gets you nowhere. just deeper in the duldrums of deprresion. you can say i like how my hair is curly! or im glad i dont have purple skin! or complememt your fave features, like i love my eyes! im lucky to have them! i would say, i like haviong thick hair, how it falls over my shoulders so cooly!
AND:::: very creepy, but, when i pictured what u looked like, i pictured brown hair, curly, plaer skin, a bit short like me, buit i missed the hazel eyes.
but, see ya (or, talk to ya) soon
love peace and roledex

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commentera sad someone

I'm really kinda blown away. These stories are amazing, no matter how many times I read them. The first has beautiful, vivid imagery and I like how it was kind of cut into snapshots. I really enjoyed it, even if the message kinda went over my head ^^; I can relate to the narrator's silence in the second, knowing EXACTLY what you want to say, but not speaking (either because you can't or you shouldn't). And I agree the profanity isn't really friendly to the younger viewers, but I would have done the same. It's the difference between the ALMOST right word and the right word, the lightning-bug and the lightning. The profanity gives the story the flash of a sharp edge it needs. It gets across the cutting anger and aimless frustration the narrator feels without being completely 'I'm angry. How could she do this?' about it. It's an abrasive, sharp brush against the skin, like the blade in those 'accidents' or those words never said. And the third is brilliantly creative and made me smile the whole. It gave Wednesday's a life of their own and I don't think I'll ever be able to wake up on Wednesday and not think of it.

hello lost and looking for cofee! are you new? i was... i like your name. i do like the stories to. the profanity does add a touch, but i am strongly against profanity, so i dont like it at all. no matter what. but thats a interesting opinion i never thought of, kinda helps put a light to it other than, ooh, that has profanity, i hate it.

aww so sad hayley...i know nobody's perfect, but when they're your friend, can't they at least try?!
I have my fair share of friendship problems too.........so meet sidney. one of my BFFs. super-nice. enter middle school. and enter boys. lots and lots of boys. boys that she 'dates' (even though she's ELEVEN) for like four days and moves on to another one.ditches her girlfriends (like ME) for boyfriends. ugh what does middle school DO to people?!
On a lighter note...
Random quote: The beautiful thing about writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.
Random fave muppets character: ANIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!
Random fact about me: I'm ten years older than my brother and ten years younger than my sister
Random randomness: I have blond hair and blue eyes. NO i am NOT the stereotypical damsel-in-distress type! Princesses don't have turquise glasses! WHY MUST EVERYONE THINK THAT?!?!?!?
(after calming down)
that concludes scribbles blurb of randomness! thanks for tuning in!!!!!!
- scribbles
PS hayley, i'm homeschooled, too! love it :)

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

oh and my rule of thumb for swearing in books is if you wouldn't want your grandma to see you writing it...don't!

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

@All those with friendship problems

Wow, I've had an ongoing friendship problem since Kindergarten really, but I don't think that it will ever end. So I'm kind of just toughing it out and sticking with my true friend who is always there for me. I would explain the whole thing but it's really long and complicated.

But my mom found this one friend quote that says, "A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today the way you are."

I really hope it gets better for all of you! I consider all of you my buddies, even though we've never met.

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSamantha

i dunno if you cant thinkl of an answer or u forgot rawr, but could u answer my question? how could you display your hobby ion writing in your room?
QUOTE: A good cook is a sorceress who dispenses happinness.

July 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersomeone

Oh thanks guys :) Your concern is very sweet <3 Yeah, I am so happy to finally have at least one true friend!!! I face timed her last night and we both got sruff for each other haha. Then she played her flute and I played my guitar :) and we kept talking until both of our adults told us to go to bed ;) Oh! Her name is Whittany by the way :)

Yes. A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin. One of my biggest goals lin life is to be a good friend to everyone I meet. It can be tough sometimes, and others it's really easy. But I strive to be a good friend and most certainly to those who do the same :)

OH! I'm so sorry! You can display your writing/ art, by simply tacking, taping it on your wall hahaha :) Or if it is a pretty special and good piece of writing, you could frame it and hang it :)

Short Blab:

There are guys trimming our trees and women cleaning our windows right now :) kinda noisy.

My ukulele is coming today!!!!

I had some really weird dreams lately....airplanes, diveing straight down, zombies, strange games that come to life, power up things....ect really wack stuff.

Bordom Buster:

make a map of someplace you have never been or of a fantasy place!!!

Here are some good books you might want to read that I read:

The Search for Wondla

My Big Mouth: 10 songs I wrote that almost got me killed

Wonder (about a boy with a face deformity)


The Hobbit


Hey....I'm kinda tired so that's all for now... sorry!

And thanks Samantha for thinking of us as friends <3

Peace and love and cupcakes,


July 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

thanks for the ideas rawr!ukele is SUCH a cool imstrument. jealousy!
i love the writing display ideas, but the problem is, my writing is just so long! id feel wierd havin a five page story tacked on my wall!
ummmmm. i dunno.
short blab.
i am strewn across my messy bedroom floor typing this on my kindle. yes kindle has internet acsess and this is NOT a kindle fire.
i have to do a lot of 4h stuff today. i have karate tonight. theres some kids there wo take karate as a joke. honestly they are talking goofing off in class. its very distracting and i have a ton i need to learn now tha im a brown belt. i tried tallking to them, they just made fun of me and said i need to have fun. i said i havve plenty fun. AT HOME!!!!they just did absolutely nothing. honestly they are complete jerks. im having some emotion problems and at times i wana go home crying. go ahead call me a crybaby. i could care less.
thanks for letting me rant.
quote:worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.
so true.
augh!!!!!! i wanna write a story i just dont know what! the starters have just not grabbed me. i guess ill just chooe one and do it. ill do rawrs ketchup bottle one.
ey nayley, are you ale to make a email for our story idea? if not well have to brainstorm and pos thoughtshere. i wish anne andellen could make a spot, but it is probally hard to vhange their blog. anywhoozle.
hugs! (>'.')> <('.'<)
(thanks new person)
love peace and samuri swords!

Book's I've read recently that I think are really good:

The Kingdom Keepers series (I'm on book four but I will admit, the first one was amazing but the other ones were kind of hard to get into)

The Gideon Trilogy. Okay. These are my absolute favorite books of all time. They take place in London when these kids accidentally get sent back to 1763from modern day time. Amazing!! It's by Linda Buckley-Archer if anyone wants to read them. The first one is called the Time Travelers, but it's also under the title Gideon the Cutpurse (Yah it was titled that first and then they changed the title later on...I've found both titles at my library). But seriously I would recommend them to everyone!

I would so want to do a daily blab with you guys but I really don't have anything to talk about...


I really should figure out a codename too...

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSamantha

fave books:
series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket
pish posh by ellen potter
the peanuts comics ( <3 ya snoopy!)

peace love and narwhals,


July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

Thanks, new person! ^^ and yes, I am new. I just saw that no one else had said it, so I figured I might as well join the conversation and put another view point out there.

lost and looking for cofee, great that you ca join our um... interesting conversation! feel free to share any story staters boredom busters or blabs. have you read all the comments? if you havent, im inez. mice to meet you, even though i havent actually MET you.
wa type of stories do you like to write? actually, everyone culd aswer that. ive been wondering for a while. i like writng scary stories adventure and realistic.
bye! ill try to blab soon!

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenternew person

hi lost and looking for cofee! im mariesa btw.
how did u find this site? its epic isnt it.
i like writing fantasy adventure animal and realisticish.
fav books are
the wee free men AMAZING
the captains dog lewis and clark voyage point of veiw of dog!
the hobbit
black beauty
shadow spinner FAB
percy jackson series READ
the faerie door
a dogs life
city of ember
the pinhoe egg

if i think of more ill share.
oh! AREMIS FOWL!!!!!!!!!!
buh buy.

Hello all! ^^ I'm pretty sure I found this site looking for writing contests. I like writing just about any kind of story so long as I've got the inspiration for it, though I'm prone writing romance (cause I'm a sap ^^;)

Random 10 things to know about me:

1. I'm a Ginger ^^ and I have jar that I keep my stolen souls in
2.I'm a coffee addict (bet ya couldn't guess that)
3.I suffer from chronic writer's block/Inspiration Fail
4.I randomly quote people when it suits me
5.I love animals
7.I love writing
8.I love drawing
9.I have a captain's hat that I wear every day
10. I can't count ^^

hey lost! welcome to spilling ink!
i'm samantha, aka scribbles...love da random things list ( but the first ones creepy LOL)
4, 5, and 7, and 8 are sorta creepy too, cuz all of those apply to me!!! weeeeeird...
anywhoozle, velcome to the site!
peace love and newfies,

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

oh yeah and lets bring the comment count over 100, spillers of ink!
LOLZ i'll talk to myself if i have to....

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

Fear not scribbles!! I shall assist ye in your quest for 100 comments!!! *epic pose*

Story drawing!!! What do we have to work with?

Emotion: Happiness

Location: bottom of the ocean

Quote: "Hello, I'm your friendly stalker!"

................. Wh... What am I supposed to do with THIS? 0_o

my hero, Lost and Looking for Coffee!!! (bats eyebrows, even though we're presumably the same gender)

"Hello!" said Eva, still managing to squeal in her snorkeling mask."I'm your friendly stalker! Tell me about yourself!" The shark was beginning to look uncomfortable.

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscribbles

WOOT WOOT!!!!! 100th comment by MEEEEE!!! :D

Welcome Lost and Looking For Coffee!!! Agreed, the first fact is kinda creepy. ;)

Do you like Star Bucks? <3 I love that place!!! Best EVER!!!! They have coffee...which has caffine (unless you get decaf)...WHICH MAKES MEEEE HYPER!!!! MWAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!


Hi! I'm Hayley!

I got my ukulele today!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!!!! It's so amazingly AWESOME! I named it Wondla after that book haha. Although I might change the name later.... I haven't named my guitar though! O.o


My lil bro is messing with my uke even though I kee telling him to get off. He is not listening. Ugh.


I love you guys :)

Peace and love and ukuleles,



July 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr
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