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Congratulations to our Teen Contest Winners!



Wow! We had a lot of outstanding entries for this contest! In upcoming weeks, we'll try to honor some of the other particpants. But here are our choices for the winners. We were so impressed by their imagination, vision, passion, and just plain writing ability. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did! Please give them some love in the comments! Happy reading! Anne and Ellen


Starry Night

By Sharon L., age 13


Too many people passed the old store without a glance. The run-down, rickety shingles were beginning to chip, the windows clouding over with the dust of the decades. Too many people had too much on their minds. Disillusioned by the mantra that life is too short for novelties, too few are staying behind to linger among the ashes of the ages. Yet one old woman spared the poor shack a glimpse. Soft, shimmering bells clinked as the door opened.

I found there to be something missing as I grasped the jade necklace. The jewels were carved from the millennium-old stone of the ancient world, the dragons’ fire from the depths of the heartland. My grandmother gave me a warm smile as I gently placed the string of pendants around my neck. “You are beautiful, my treasure.”

A little girl wanders around the crowded little apartment. Her parents are protective, watching her every movement to ensure that she is safe, though safety should hardly be a concern in the one-floor rented apartment. She toddles and falls, only to continue her ambling towards a shiny green box. It opens to reveal a string of beads, lustrous in the light of the dull floor lamp. A ribbon is intertwined within the package.

The conglomerate of food is hard to distinguish. One platter blends into another, one dish the same hue as those adjacent. The smells, though, overwhelm even the moist glimmer of the sauces mixed together. I try to take a single bite, but somehow another slice ends up on my plate. “Eat, eat!” Fingers pick up chopsticks, hand flitter to and fro, arms nudge other arms. I take a bite of everything.

An old woman lifts up a baby, less than a tenth of her age. She is positioned on a high chair, precariously set above the ground. The baby lifts up a bowl and a chopstick and waves around the odd pair until chicken and broccoli plop into her mouth. She drops all and happily chews. Food is presently on her mind.

We are running outside, the rainbow of paper, glue, and fabric growing ever higher as the breeze lifts. I feel a nostalgic twinge in my chest, but ignore the darkness as my cousins' squeals lift as high as the kites' path. I squeal for a moment myself, lost amidst the flurries of flight.

She sat down while the older woman carried her. Her eyes opened for a moment to allow the sight of beautiful box-shaped kites to cloud her vision. Fish gliding across the clear blue skies, dragons’ tails trailing with the strands of white, yellow squares brighter than the afternoon sun shining down. “Never forget.” She looked up at the woman carrying her and saw a tear trailing down her wrinkled skin.

We sit on the grass at night. The sun has finally set and there is nothing left for us inside. The grown-ups tell us to help out, so we take a stroll to the park and come back. Now lanterns are being hung from tall poles, tents being set out. A gazebo with high crimson arches dots the horizon, firefly lights brightening the darkness of the night. I feel the weight of a soft round pastry in my hand and a smile slips out. Mooncakes are my favorite.

The gazebo was decorated for this occasion. Not a single corner went unlighted. A tall brown table was set up for the occasion, a bowl of oranges resting in the center. The family looked above the rising hill. While their little girl munched on a fresh cake in the shape of the lunar sphere, they noticed the absence of neighboring lights.

My friend had texted me a while ago. “where r u? stop hangin out with those geeks!” Not a thought is wasted on ancient traditions and values, especially not in our bustling age of speed and movement, movement, movement.

There was no one familiar outside. The girl shrank up against her parents as she heard words she did not yet understand. “Go back, you Chino!”

I looked at my family, all settled at the dinner table, the lively chatter overriding all the darkness of the still air outside. Still, I feel that there is something left unsettled. Without another glance, I flipped my cell phone closed, stood up, and planted a gentle kiss on my grandmother’s tender cheek. “I will never forget.”




By Dani B., age 16


And I know how it would happen, too.

        She’d stand there, fumbling with the lipstick cap, and I’d wait for her to get it. I’m courteous. I’d wait until she twists the red up, like a bloody finger pointing at her, and that’s when I’d clear my throat.

        I know I’m awkward.  But sometimes that’s what’s needed.

She’d find me in the mirror, pretend to be concentrating on her eyelashes or whatever, but really she’d be sizing me up. And then, when she thinks she knows me, that’s when I’d speak.

        “You know, your sister’s messed up.”

       She’d turn around. God, I hope this would be important enough to her that she’d whirl around completely and then I’d see her full face. People always look different when you see their whole face.

        She’d look surprised, but she always looks surprised. Maybe that’s why she gets the leads in the school plays. I wanted to go to the last one, but I was tired of her acting.

        That was a week after Joyce switched therapists.

        “Excuse me,” she’d say. No, that’s too prissy. I’d like to think this would catch her off guard enough, take away all her bullshit until all she’d be able to say is, “What?” I think the whole world runs on that word.

        I’d look her straight on. That’s the one thing I know. I’d look at her, right there, so direct that she couldn’t look away. I think she’s one of those people who no one ever looks at, really; they just see what they think they know, and she lives up to it.

        “Joyce has a problem,” I’d say. I think if I worked really hard, I could keep my voice even. I’d swallow, but keep on facing her, trying not to move.

        I love how neat that sounds. A problem. Like it’s all wrapped up in a little package, tied up with string. Like she’s just a dog who did her business on the carpet or something—“Joycie had a little problem today…” or “Joyce had an accident.” That’s another great one: accident. Not the word, but the concept, that it couldn’t possibly be your fault. That you can just say to someone, “It was an accident,” and all will be forgiven. All must be. Because the next time, someone else will be the one who fucked up—not to blame them, of course, totally out of their control. What a joke.

        Joyce had told me it was an accident the first time I caught her. We’d been changing for gym, Joyce in the corner, having to borrow a tank top from the Lost and Found. I saw the red lines, little railroad tracks, and didn’t understand.

        “Joyce,” I said. “What happened?”

       Joyce had slithered into her sweatshirt.  Hadn’t looked up. “It was an accident,” she said finally. Then she walked away.

        I had been thinking of the little accidents—a series of paper cuts, a dropped kitchen knife, scissors gone wrong. The acceptable accidents you can shrug away. I thought that because I wanted to think that. It took me a while to realize how true those words really were.

        Because problems can be accidents too. Especially when you make them for yourself.

        That’s what I’d tell her anyway. And then her mouth would catch on the word—“Problem?” she’d repeat. Maybe she’d tell me I was wrong. Or maybe she’d ask who the heck I was, who I thought I was.

        Either way, she’d piss me off. There’s only one thing I’d want to hear, and that’s that she knows, that she’s doing something about it. Except part of me would be hoping that she wouldn’t say that, because then I couldn’t lash out at her.

        No hesitation. That’s the best and worst way, right? I think it’s worth the risk.

        “Your sister had a problem!” I’d say again, my voice rising. “Joyce is really messed up, and you act like nothing’s wrong! She’s going to die you know, she’s going to, LOOK AT ME, SHE’S GOING TO…” I’d swallow, act like I was trying to hold it in, but really I’d be gathering more. I wouldn’t want to leave anything unsaid. “You’re going to lose her!” I’d say. “Do you know that she cuts herself? Almost daily? Do you know how ashamed she feels of herself, how she had to hide it? Do you know she throws up? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS?  You can’t act like this is okay! LOOK AT ME, YOU CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!”

       I wonder if she’d hit me. One slap, across the face. That’s what I’d do. The truth’s a bitch. But then she’d think about it, wouldn’t she have to? Wouldn’t she watch out the next time Joyce goes to the bathroom after dinner? Wouldn’t she check the desk for the razor I know she had?

        Wouldn’t she read over Joyce’s shoulder the next time she texts me, “I can’t handle it today”? Wouldn’t she be the one Joyce could talk to, she’d be the one…

       Just not me. Please.

        Not me.

        I know it would happen that way. I know it, and so when she walks in, I finish braiding my hair like it’s nothing. I watch her pull out her lipstick.

        And then she drops it. An accident. I kneel down to help her pick it up, and my body feels like it’s pulsing, and I hand it to her and look her straight in the face. Her whole face.

        And I have to stop because of how much she looks like Joyce. I look down and the sleeves of her dress are loose, and they fall back to expose her wrists when she reaches for it…

       And she knows I’ve seen her. All of her.  She takes it, reddens slightly, nods thanks. Then she teeters out on her high heels, leaving me with the nothing I was going to say, with the trail of accidents down her arms.




To Think of Wednesdays

by Emma S., age 14


When I get up on Wednesdays, I’m either going to school, path A, or I’m staying in bed for a while longer, path B. If I take path A, I’ll be arriving in homeroom promptly one and one half minutes prior to the start bell at eight. If I take path B, I’ll be thinking about how weird the word “Wednesday” is when I cast a questioning glance directed at my calendar. I will think of how the n comes after the d, but we still pronounce the n before the d. Or so it seems. On path A, I will participate in playful banter amongst my friends, making the jokes of perverts and sailors. On path B, I will think about the English language, and how on its transition to America, it’s been somewhat slaughtered or recreated like a phoenix. On path A, I will not raise my hand to answer the question of whether or not this leaf is a dicot or a monocot. I truly have no understanding seeing as I didn’t do my homework because of a feline eating my pencil.

       On path B, I may get up eventually from the warm burrow in my blankets as my body is pressed against the mattress, but I can hear the rodents chattering, which means someone has entered my lair. On path A, I will wait until the bell rings after 35 minutes of drooling trolls. But on either path, I will see the demons, the shadows, and the sons of the light. School is filled with the trolls and the growls and claws of the educational establishment. Home is filled with the demons and the shadows and the haunts of past kinsfolk blotches and storms.

       I will take the torrents of my flaming anger out on the soft fluffy pillow as I turn into the roaring lion raging out of the hurt I feel from poachers hunting down my brethren. And after I calm down, the ice freezing over the flames, although it takes a while, and I will give my cumshaws to the rodents and felines of which I have frightened as I came up clawing and biting, spitting and hissing. And I sit, looking up at the window, calming down. But the burns and the singes of the flames still remain. I look at my feet, which slap across the cement floor of the dungeon as I cross to the window looking out at the moonlight, which may pass through the muddy glass, but I cannot feel through.

       And so, on either path, I cannot feel the cold embrace of the night’s mother. For I have my own mother, and no matter how much I wish it weren’t true sometimes, my mother and my father and my family, are my moonlight.


And so, I wake up Thursday, shooting a questioning glance to the calendar. I wake up from the dreams of my falling back asleep on path B or falling asleep during the lecture on path A. And I am no longer the lion who has iced over and the window is no longer reflecting the moon and humans are humans once again. The trolls have left, and so has Wednesday.



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:( Goodbye beautiful 100 posts. I just ruined it by adding this one.


I think I'll do that little writing thing. Because Imma stalker myself. I'm stalking every one of you right now.....expect a box of cookies on your porch tomorrow. O.o

"HELLO!" I yelled in the boy's face. He brushed his long hair out of his face to reveal large frightened eyes. "I'M YOUR FRIENDLY STALKER!!! I continued. The boy took an uneasy step back as I grinned uncontrolably. I screamed at myself in my head to shut up. I don't know how to talk to boys very well. My mouth wasn't listening.

Haha. Yeah. I'm sappy too. It's just who I am.

I write:




sappy stuff

ect :)

Facts about me:

1. I know about you

2. You now know something about me.

3. I love my ukulele!!!

4. I keep pressing 'shift' when I press the numbers on accident so I keep getting "!@#$" instead of 1234

5.I'm a yakker!! WAHA!

6. I'm hungry.

7. I think I'm going to eat something.

8. I love writing, singing, dancing, playing music, making music with mwah guitar and uke, drawing, painting, talking...and um...talking haha.


10. You're probably thinking these aren't good facts about me.

11. I DREAM IN COLOR!!! WOOT! I mean. Like, who dreams in black and white? O.o

12. I have a pet cat. Rawr!

13. 13 is meh favorite number! That is, until I turn 14, then 14 will be my fav number! Haha!

Ummm...do something with this if ya want:

"Well...I know you don't know me, but I know ALL about you..."

Haha. Stalkerish quote :)

Reminds me of creepy JB fans HAHA. :D

Peace and love and pineapple pancakes,



July 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

XD scribbles, rawr thanks for that. Made me giggle. Here's mine:

"HI, MIKE!!!" The scuba diver turns franticaly, eyes wide behind his goggles and a burst of bubbles rising above his head. "I know you don't know me," I shyly glance away, the tips of my tail brushing the sandy sea floor, "but... Um... I'm... I've kinda been stalking you."
Wait. That sounds creepy.
"I mean-" I gesticulate wildly, blood rushing to my face. "I've s-seen you on- on your dives and I... I've just been... Following you..." My voice is quiet by the end, and he's drifting away from me so I grab hold of his hand in both of mine. "So..." I clear my throat, try again. "So, I guess I AM your stalker. But-" My eyes shoot to his nervously. "But I'm friendly! I'm, um..." I frown in thought for a moment. "I'm your friendly stalker..?" I flash a bright grin, jellyfish in my stomach and a questioning my eyes. He pulls his hand from my grip and swims off in a blur. I smile because it's okay.
I like a chase.

wow! u guys are busy!
heres mine:

the gnomes eyes bulged, and he grinned the biggest grin i ahd ever seen. i gulped. its odd for a fish to gulp, but i frankly didnt care.
"Um... why are you in my room?"
he just stared and grinned. then he soke, slowly, bubbles drifting from his mouth.
"Because i'm HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY!" he chortled.
"um.. then why are you in my room again? happy isnt a reason."
"Of COURSE it is silly! i'm a HAPPPPPPPY gnome! friendly! FRIEND!"
i just stared at him.
"Ive been following you. think of me as your friendly stalker."
i edged back. 'Gee! look at the time, gotta go!"
i turned, and ran as fast as i can. i knew i would be stalked eventually. everyone is. but a gnome? oh geez i was in for it.

kinda wierd.

hayley, congrats for 100th post!
hey dudes, can i do the next topic place and snatch? i have a GREAT one! Pretty please? (bambi eyes and pursed lips)
can i call you LALFC? lost and looking for coffea? or just Lost? (LOVE that tv show!)
anywhoozle....... gots to go.

July 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersomeone

Go for it, someone! =D and Lost works just fine because, whether on the street or in class, I am most definitely Lost ^^;

Haha cool story thing Someone :) AND OF COURSE!!!DUH!!! I didn't know we were taking turns O.o Oops. Haha.

Oh good. Weird. I was thinking the same thing last night about you, Lost!!! Woah. Someone, I think we have brain telepathea!!!! Haha!

Sooooo Lost, What's your name? Because we told you OURS, but you haven't told us YOURS! ;)

Ok, my turn to sound stalkerish.

Lost. What do you look like? O.o
How old are you? I'm 13 haha!
Do you like coffee?
Why are you always lost?


Hmmmm I'm gonna wait for a writing thing from one of y'all 'cause I 'm boreeeeed.

OH! And Lost! You never replied to meh question earlier. DO you like music? No biggie if you don't. :)

TODAY I'M GOING TO WACO!!!! To see my fam. Yeah. :) No wait, I'm not going today, I'm going tomorrow, and I'm PACKING today haha. Sorry about that.

Peace and love and suitcases,

Rawr. ^-^ >^-^< oh em geez!!!! It's a cat!!! heehee :) >^-^<

July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Sorry, Lost! I forgot to say yours is awesome too! :) You see, I read it last night, but I was too lazy to comment haha. But it is really good. Love it :)

Peace and love and forgivness,


July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Okay. Just ignore the part where I said if you lke coffee. You already said you did in an earlier post. I'm sorry, but I'm super feather-brained haha! I swear, my mind is going everywhere all at once!!!! Okay. I'm just going to sit quietly and wait aggonizingly for someone to write a writing thingie. I'm not going to say anything else because I keep confusing myself. For real. Okay. Wait. I keep talking. Okay, I'm going to shut up for real now. I mean it. For real. OKAY HAYLEY KNOCK IT OFF!!! ~ Pulls invisible zipper closed with difficulty, because it is rusty from not using it~

Meeph mmd moov,

war :)

July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

woo hoo!
i have so many friends now!
rawr....... hayley
newperson........ inez
samantha........ guess wha her nameis :)
green eyes...... chloe right?
scribbles....... anouther smantha
lost and looking for cofee....... ??????

my fourth of july has been boring. dad made me WORK!!! ):<
we are painting our house so i helped. how am i sopposed to make THIS fun
lost, hayleys your friendly stalker!!!!!
hayley that was a joke fyi
new story snippet thing!!!
place: shoe store
snippet: "behold the wonders of tape!"
mood: um... anger!

have at it
man... i have a bunch of others now! we`ll have to take turns: lost, me, hayley, and then scribbles or anyone ellse. if u want to do it, sa and do it as soon as pretty much everone ahs writtena snitch of story.
urn your snap into a story for artichokes sake!
ill post my snap soon... that is if u wanna hear it.

1 um... i am a side sleeper. i cannot sleep any other wa
two i have very small dimples when i smile
three im addicted to flower hairclips... the big ones you pin in your hair... i have eleven!!!
i save EVERYTHING!!!! sticker magazine cutouts boxes paper
in my life ive collect twelve different things eightof which i still dio
i have a ginormous collection of scarves
i go through serious phases that affect hobbies bedroom eecor book style... some are.... island outdoor art rainbow etc.
ive not broken a bone yet
i havent seen real fireworks in four years. sniff
i am me
i love purple!!!!
dont tell anyone... but i still sleep witha stuffie... but i CAN sleep without him mind you! its a pig ive had since i was a baby.

love peace and armadillos.

Haha! I don't mind being called Lost's friendly stalker ;)

Cool facts! I'm a side sleeper too! I have a way of falling asleep every night. It goes like this: first I start off on my right side, then I turn onto my left side, and then I HAVE to go back on my right side or I won't fall asleep, and whenever I wake up, I'm back on my left side. It's quite strange.

No biggies about the stuffed animal thing! I actually have a special one too, that I have had for about 10/ 11 years. My great grandma gave it to me. She's dead now :'( But anyways, you wouldn't know this but: at night when my dad comes and says a prayer with me and my lil bro (old habbit I won't let end, haha), after I make him hug and kiss two of my stuffed animals heehee. :) Yeah. :) My dad just rolls his eyes and goes along with it because he's an awesome dad like that :)

LUCKY!!! You got dimples!!! :O Jealousy!!!!!!! .-_-. heehee! Dimple sad face! :)

Yeah! Cool! Okay, who's next after you? And I think if no one like, writes their little snippet, we should move on to a new one, or if someone doesn't come on here when it's their turn for a long time, someone else should take their turn. :)

My writing snippet to Someone's writing thing:

I stared down at my scuffed up shoes as I breathed in the smell of chemicals. My mom walked over with a box in her hands. I glanced up, wondering what ugly shoes from the olden-days she brought this time.

"Honey, try on these now." she said in a too cheerful tone as she slipped out the shoes from the box.

I bugged my eyes out in disgust.

"Mom!!! Those are...grandma shoes!!!" I moaned loudly.

My mom rolled her eyes and said " Fine. What do YOU like?"

I stood up quickly and grabbed a pair of blue hi-top Converses off rhe display shelf. I walked over to mom and thrust them at her.
"These mom! They're AH-MAZING!" I said happily. For once my mother was letting ME choose.

My mom stared at the shoes, nose twitching. "Marly. Those are BOY shoes." She said stiffly.

I groaned. "Mom. Back in 1970 something, they were. But now boys AND girls wear these shoes! Puh-lease mom!"

She walked back to the display shelf and dropped them quickly. She turned and smiled widely. "WELL! It seems like I have to choose again this year. You obviously don't understand how a lady should dress." She walked away and came back with another pair of grandma shoes. Except they were worse.

I stared back down at my dirty shoes, which now seemed a lot nicer than before we came here. "Mom. I'm fine. I don't need new shoes," certainly not grandma shoes, I said under my breath.

"Darling! Your shoes have HOLES in them!" My mother sniffed.

"BEHOLD THE WONDERS OF TAPE!!!" I yelled as I stormed out of the store.

Haha. Yeah. Hope ya like it!


Peace, love, and epic shoes,






July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

I have many names, but my mother bestowed upon me the moniker of 'Patricia' when I was born.
I LOVE music. I actually have to have music playing for me to be able to sleep. If I don't I have nightmares 0_0
I have red, curly hair, freckles, and blue eyes. I used to wear glasses but now I have contacts. I'm 15.
I have two shelves crammed full of stuffed animals and then five and a baby pillow on my bed, including a red Angry bird named Pedro, a panda bear I've had since I was like 2 (named Pandy), and a Cheshire Cat plushie.
I'm always lost because I have a terrible sense of direction and a very short attention span. ^^;
My favorite bands right now are NeverShoutNever, All Time Low, Paramore, and Rise Against.

My snippet thing!:

I stop before the shop's door. "Mom, I don't want new shoes!"

"You can't wear those raggedy old sneakers anymore, Alexis."

My eye twitches. That NAME... "But these DCs are my favorites!" I protest, "Kristen gave them to me for my birthday..." Before she moved, I add glumly in my mind.

My mother sighs. "I know, sweetheart. But, they're falling apart." She looks down at them sharply and I follow her gaze, wiggling my toes in my shoes. Okay, so maybe they had a couple of holes, and the toe of the left one's split, and maybe the sides ARE really scuffed up, but these are MY shoes. These are THE shoes. I haven't worn any other pair since I got them in 7th grade!

"They're still on my feet, aren't they?" I grumble. Okay, maybe being a smart-aleck isn't the BEST approach. Especially judging by the way my mother's narrow dangerously.

"That is NOT the point." She snaps, grabbing hold of my wrist and dragging me through the door despite my resistance.

"Mom!" I struggle in her grasp until she releases my wrist. I cross my arms. "I'm not getting new shoes."

"Yes, you are. And don't you dare use that tone of voice with me young lady," she warns. The clerk behind the counter is eyeing us warily.

"No, I'm not." I hold her stern glare with a defiant one of my own.

"Yes, you are."

I shake my head. "No

Her teeth grind as muscle in her cheek flickers. "Yes, you are."

"Uh... Um. E-excuse me, l-ladies," the poor clerk hesitantly pipes up, barely above a high, breathy mumble.

I glance toward the poor man before meeting my mother's gaze again. "Fine. I'll get a new pair of shoes."

My mother starts to smile, the tension melting off her face, before her brow furrows suspiciously, watching me half-march toward the counter.

I pluck a fat roll of duck tape off the counter top, holding it up to the man. "Do mind if I use this? I can't garuntee there'll be much left."

"N-no, go right ahead," he politely stutters.

I smile, nodding my thanks before plopping down cross-legged on the floor.

"Alexis, what ARE you doing?"

"Shh, I'll be done soon. Please. Go look at some shoes for yourself, Momma..." I tell her softly, not looking up from my work. I hear her 'hmph' before she walks away.

It takes a little longer than I thought it would, but I'm finished and quite triumphant twenty minutes later. "Ah-ha!! Behold! The wonders of duck tape!" I hop to my feet, returning the incerdibly depleted roll of tape to its place on the counter, grinning madly.

"You are NOT wearing those."

I frown at my mother, glancing down at the shoes in my hands. "Why not? You said I had to get new shoes. These, "I wave them at her, "are new."

Her eyes narrow. "You aren't going to wear shoes entirely made of DICK TAPE, Alexis." That NAME..... I hate it.

I nod. "Yeah I am." I sing-song, removing my beloved DCs and putting on the duck tape shoes. I then skip out the door. "And this doesn't mean I'm getting rid of my DCs!"


Woah.... That turned out way longer than I thought 0_0

And thanks, Haley. I liked your's about the shoes. ^^ made me laugh

Haha thanks Patricia :) Nice name btw! I didn't know that I could write funny stuff haha :) I love yours! Your'e amazing at writing :)

Woah. Your description of yourself reminds me of someone I know O.o You don't happen to live in Texas, do you?

I wear contacts too, now. I used to where glasses since I was about 9. Uhggg they made me look sooo nerdy. And not even nerdy-cute. Nerdy-ugly O.o NEVER GOING TO WEAR GLASSES AGAIN, I CAN TELL YOU THAT!!! :)

Oh my goodness! I love NeverShoutNever. A lot. Not like " Oh em geez! Chris Drew is SO cute! Marry me!" kind of love haha. I just love his songs, particularly his olders ones before the albulm 'Time Travel'. He has a dang beautiful voice that's sooo awesome and his songs (most of them, anyway) have actual MEANING, unlike most songs these days. They're really sweet ^-^ I swear, I would be SO flattered if some dude wrote a song like one of Drew's for me haha. :) Him and Kina Grannis are THE BEST in my book haha. I like Paramore too, and SecondHand Serenade. And HelloGoodbye. But you might already know that if you read the older posts by me :)

I'm currently learning Jane Doe on my new ukulele and Losing It on my guitar! It's super fun :) <3

I listen to Irish music at night sometimes O.o

I honestly don't like the radio, because in my opinion, most of all those singers stink at singing and have to use auto-tune. Blech. And their songs have NO meaning whatsoever. Not all of them are that way though, some are good, and write great songs, and some have amazing vocals (like Adele), but most all of them... BLECK! :)

While we wait for the others to comment their snippets, Lost, can you write one for me to do while I wait? Haha I'm bored :)

Thanks again!

Peace and love and cute dogs,


aka Hayley BOB!!!!

My great uncle calls me that O.o

July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Thanks! =D

0_0 I do live in Texas.

I've listened to a little SecondHand Serenade, and I really like them from what I've heard. I think I'd cry if someone wrote me a song like one of Drew's. And I DO listen to the radio, but it's mostly country.

Okay, hmmmmmm.... Let meh seeeeeeee.....

Location: mountain top
Emotion: confused
Quote: "Congratualtions!! You've won a prize!"

Okay. Wellll....Okay. Do you have a brother? And if yes, what is his name? O.o This is so wack.

Story thingie (thanks!)

I looked outside of the hotel's big glass windows and sighed cheerfully. The scenery was beautiful; mountiains surrounding the one I was on, their tips dipped in white snow. I grinned as a big fluffy snowflake drifted past the window. Snow! Something you don't see often from where I came.

I ran across the room and pulled on my big poofy bright neon green and orange striped coat (a gift from my fashion blind aunt), and my fashionable hat. I viewed myself in the mirror above the tiny table next to me. I looked...ridiculous. Oh well! I smiled anyway, snow is worth it.

"Mom! I'm going to go outside, it's SNOWING!!!" I yelled and rushed out the door before she could say no.

I trotted down the hallway and listened to all the different noises sneaking out from closed doors. A sickly sounding snore. A women's womenly scream as some monster-like creature (probably King Kong) captured her, coming off a crackly TV set. A heated argument. Ect.

I reached the elevator and pressed the button. I waited. And waited. And waited. Then a voice behind me said:
"You know. It would probably be a good idea if you pressed the DOWN button."

I whipped around and saw a strange looking boy. He had long blonde hair, and a chunk of it was dyed purple. His eyes were big and black. They didn't blink. His outfit was as bad as mine; he had on a long musturdish colored cloak thing, a rainbow scarf, and red rain boots. What the what?

I was too busy taking in the odd choice of style to notice he was speaking again. "Hello?Earth to girl! Wake up!"

I snapped back to Earth and said: "Huh? Oh. Hey. Wait. I DID press the down button, Dude. There's only a down button, this is the top floor."

He grinned and shook his head, making his hair fall into his eyes. He brushed the hair away and said " Ha. Wrong. Look again."
I flashed him a look and glanced back at the button. What the heck? There WERE two buttons. That's messed up. Why would they do that on the top floor? I wondered to myself.

I turned back to the boy. "Haha. Okay. Whatever. There isn't SUPPOSED to be two. Gosh." I carefully pressed the down button this time.

There was a *ding* and then the large metal doors slid open smoothly. The boy flourished the doorway and said "Ladies first." and smirked at me. I stomped into the elevator and he followed me. I pressed the floor one button and waited. The doors slid closed, creaking this time.

"So." I said, not knowing what to think about this weird person I was currently stuck in an elevator with.

"Soooo." he said.



I glared at him and said "Gah! What's with you?"

He smiled a shiney white smile -like those in the commericals- and said " Everything!"

I groaned and waited quietly for the doors to open again.

Finally they did.

I quickly walked out, trying to get away from the wack-o dude. I went out the legit looking doors and into the snow. I heard the door close behind me. I slowly turned around. He was still there. Dang.

"Man! What are you doing?" I said.

The boy smiled and said "Um, guess."

I raised an eyebrow and said "Stalking me?"

He posed like one of those way too happy guys in a furniture store commerical. "Correct! CONGRADULATIONS!! YOU'VE WON A PRIZE!" He said. Very. Loudly.

A few people glanced our way and I shrugged. "OKay. What is the prize?" Do I even want to know? I thought to myself.

The boy pursed his lips like fish and then said "A kiss from your prince Charming. " and winked at me.

What. The. Heck.

Haha! Yeah. I'm gonna go to bed now. Laters!!!

Peace and love and wacky people,


July 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Nope. No brothers. A few sisters (in every way but blood), but no brothers.
XD Nice character design, Haley. Boy's just the right amount quirky, cute, and creepy!
I'll probably post mine tomorrow... Ummm... Later today, actually, considering it's 1am... Ummm... Yeah, I so have no life ^^;; but I DO probably have insomnia, however.


Aw. Haha oh well :) Still, it was wack anough to make me wonder, ehich gives me something to do! :) Haha, what do you mean 'sisters'? :)

Thanks about the character thing. Yeah...I was typing whatever popped into my head :) I was up till 12 something possible 1 last night, but I'm not sure, because when I was reaching for my alarm clock, I knocked it off and it fell behind my bed. In order to see what time it was, I would have to (1) get out of bed and wiggle under it to get my clock, or (2) get out of bed and walk down the hallway, through the living room, and into the kitchen. I was too tired and lazy to do either, haha. :)

Cool! I'll be waiting! Yours are really epic :)

Peace and love and scrambled eggs for breakfast,


July 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Oh. And I'm sorry about the insomnia thing. Does that bother you? I need my sleep or I'm as cranky as a who-knows-what all day ;) Anyways, later!

July 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

HAHA! Okay. So my mom was talking to my dad and she was like " I accidently threw my shirt in the toilet."

Nothing more to be said. I know where I got my feather-brainedness ;)


July 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr

Oh! And Lost, do you wear a captain hat every day because you're a NeverShoutNever fan? ;) If you do, that's pretty awesome :) Man. I'm so bored. I wish SOMEONE (possibly the actual 'Someone' haha) would come on besides me!!! Bleh. I'm so bored. I was practicing my uke. But my fingers got too sore.


Yours truely and boredly.


July 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRawr
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